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Environmental and Carbon

Energy Edge has experience and a long involvement in the evolution of environmental markets as they have emerged from the energy trading sector. The Energy Edge team provides expert advice to commercial, trading, finance and compliance teams for managing exposures and creating future opportunities. Our services extend to Carbon readiness projects, strategy development, due diligence, valuations, forecasting, deal capture, compliance and financial risk management.


Energy Edge has trading and risk management experience across all of the legislated and voluntary environmental markets in Australia. Energy Edge team members have also provided advice and services to clients on domestic and international Carbon markets.

The ability of Energy Edge to deliver services in this rapidly growing market is further reinforced through collaboration with organisations with a significant presence in international environmental markets.

The following are examples of some specific areas Energy Edge can assist its clients.
  • Market structure advice
  • Policy advice
  • Risk adjusted Carbon pricing in primary and secondary markets
  • Modelling of environmental markets, price forecasts and assessment of commercial projects
  • Assistance in registration and accreditation processes
  • Environmental product strategy development
  • Enterprise wide Carbon risk assessments
  • Carbon risk management planning
  • Training

Client Services

The introduction of progressively more environmental and energy efficiency schemes and the introduction of the Clean Energy Future legislation and development of Carbon markets means that management of the financial impacts of environmental trading is becoming more important to a broader set of corporations.

If you have an ongoing requirement for monitoring and managing exposures in the Carbon and Environmental markets, then speak to Energy Edge for potential solutions:
  • Managing the acquisition or sales of certificates to meet obligations
  • Ongoing forecasting of liabilities and eligibilities
  • Inventory management of certificates created, liable, contracted, transferred and surrendered
  • Carbon forecasting and risk forecasting services
  • Third party independent assessment of reference prices in structured contracts

Case Study - Carbon Readiness Planning

Energy Edge has conducted Carbon readiness projects for various energy organisation's over the past five years. The uncertainty and false starts of the Australian Carbon pricing regime has meant a demand for a service with a strong understanding of the structure of the Carbon regulatory environment, and with a detailed understanding of the implications for energy trading operations and risk management practices.

The Energy Edge approach to Carbon readiness planning follows a workflow which identifies the key areas and processes within an organization which will be affected by the Carbon legislation. Because every portfolio and business is different, Energy Edge engages with clients in an interactive way to ensure that all corporate sections are engaged through the process.

With a template at hand to guide the process, Energy Edge will ensure that the implications of Carbon are identified, prioritized, planned and managed through the full trading chain:
  • Trading and strategies
  • Settlements and invoicing
  • Contract management, position reporting
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Governance, policy formulations and revisions
  • IT systems enhancements, integrations and acquisitions
  • Compliance requirements
  • Certificate inventory management, reporting, transfer and surrender processes