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Automated NEM Forecast

Participants in the National Electricity Market know the importance of monitoring future events for changing market conditions.

Traders and plant operators need to organise and plan for maintenance, allocate fuel resources in an optimal way and capitalise on high price events.

Financial traders anticipate changes in market conditions which drive price volatility and unexpected market outcomes. The Automated Forecast delivers information flows to assist in identifying forward trading opportunities.

The System

The Energy Edge Automated NEM Forecast engine interfaces with the EMMS Infoserver to generate a succession of regional electricity prices, demand and dispatch forecasts over the medium term. The system applies an unbiased scientific forecasting approach which replicates the underlying key dispatch algorithm of the physical market used by AEMO.

The software draws upon historical bidding behaviour and applies a regression against the prevailing market conditions to generate forward-looking bids. The dispatch algorithm is then applied against published future market conditions, including PASA.

The software generates a standardised CSV output of the regional market outcomes which can be loaded directly into your database for reporting, monitoring or as an input to optimisation software.


The Automated NEM forecast:
  • Generates half-hourly projections up to two-years ahead in half-hourly resolution
  • Calculates projections for:
    • Spot price
    • System demand
    • Interconnector flows
    • Dispatch levels
  • Can incorporate physical system constraints;
  • Delivers an easy-to-read output which can be easily interfaced with your database capture or reporting solutions;
  • Accommodates market step-changes such as carbon price shifts.
NEM Automated Forecast workflow

For more information about Automated NEM Forecasting software please contact Energy Edge