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NEM Bidding Tool

NEMESYS is a modular software solutions designed for and by electricity spot traders and analysts. NEMESYS offers three modules:

  • Bidding Tools
  • Market Batcher
  • Spot Trading and Visualisation Screens
Users gain access to powerful bid, rebid and spot market analytical tools complemented by intuitive Market Visualisation Screens. The combined system enables traders to observe the live market in trading room display screens and the system facilitates rapid responses to changing market circumstances. The Market Data Batcher module allows clients to replicate MMS Info-server with live capture of public and private AEMO data.

Bidding Tools

The bidding tool allows spot traders to bid into the market with extensive internal control, compliance, AEMO verification and audit capabilities. The bidding tool allows traders to view and analyse all bids and rebids of market participants across the NEM, and to visualize clearly the dispatch of all scheduled plant in the NEM with a powerful set of visualization tools.

Market Batcher

The Energy Edge Market Batcher processes the incoming private and public AEMO CSV files. It is also saved as binary local files for quick and portable access, across multiple platforms. Line-pack, Weather and Currency data can also be captured by the Market Batcher as required.

Spot Trading and Visualisation Screens

Live trading screens continuously display the region market data such as price/demand, interconnector flows and constraints along with station specific data such as Line-Pack. The data can also be exported to spreadsheets for analysis and reporting.

For more information about NEMESYS please contact Energy Edge