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Risk Management

Energy Edge can deliver consulting services in all facets of financial risk management, with experience covering policy and governance, quantitative analytics, risk system implementation and Information Technology services. The Energy Edge team understands that each organization has a unique portfolio, skill sets, systems and risk appetites. We work with you to offer insightful approaches to risk management that fit with your organization's risk appetite and trading philosophy.


The Energy Edge team’s hands-on experience across a range of commodities, and financial and commercial risks, allows Energy Edge to provide risk services beyond pure energy risk advice. Services include:

  • Market and Credit Risk Policy formulation and review
  • Updating policy to cater for Carbon, Gas and new commodities
  • Assistance to Internal Audit teams
  • Startup assistance for greenfield trading operations
  • Change management for "At-Risk" portfolio risk management and reporting
  • Compliance audits of Risk Management
  • Assistance with formulating valuation and hedge accounting methodologies
  • Provision of advice on portfolio optimisation and optimal contracting strategies for generators, retailers and energy users

Client Services

Energy Edge offers ongoing client services to assist organizations with monitoring markets, positions and opportunities.

  • Ongoing asset and security valuation and reporting
  • Outsourced risk and position reporting
  • Market reviews and reports
  • Inventory management for Carbon and environmental certificates
  • An independent organisation for establishing pricing indices
  • On-demand portfolio risk valuation and trading strategy comparisons
  • Third party portfolio analysis

Case Study - Portfolio Risk Analysis

Energy Edge operates a combined market forecasting and portfolio risk service. This service has been offered to clients across the energy industry to establish portfolio risk profiles and to formulate trading strategies. Generators, retailers and energy users have benefited from the Portfolio Risk analysis process to achieve superior financial outcomes with control over their financial risk.

The Portfolio Analysis consulting provided by Energy Edge has delivered a framework for more reliable and scientific decision making at some of Australia’s leading energy companies. The scenario analysis has enabled a formal risk quantification framework for managing significant environmental, energy and electricity exposures, and a transparent approach for selecting the best candidate amongst energy procurement alternatives.

Case Study - Due Diligence and Advisory Service

Energy Edge was engaged by a government authority to provide advice on the energy contract portfolios involved in the restructure of large generator corporations. Energy Edge was able to use its proprietary systems to load vast numbers of contracts and to provide key statistics to support the restructure decision-making process. Energy Edge brought its trading and risk management expertise to the project to interpret a complex and diverse contract portfolio and to offer suggestions on equity in the restructure process. The experience of the team enabled timely reporting on contract valuation and risk policy implications under alternative restructure scenarios.