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Energy Edge has experience in scoping and implementing software projects. If you are interested in software installation, in joint-development or in commissioning software systems, contact us.

The Energy Edge team brings a deep experience in the energy industry along with advanced skills in IT and outstanding modeling capabilities. Energy Edge is able to provide the full package of subject matter experts, software and data design and system development.

Bespoke Development

The Energy Edge team has a strong background in small and large customized software development. With subject matter expertise in energy markets and trading, we are able to make value-add suggestions and we understand your energy trading and risk management objectives.

Bespoke development projects undertaken by Energy Edge have ranged from spreadsheet models through to large risk and trading systems in a variety of technologies. Energy Edge is able to progress software development independently, or we can work with you through the process.

Examples of recent development projects conducted by Energy Edge are:
  • Prototype earnings at risk system development
  • Credit risk analysis software
  • Optimisation tools for generator bidding
  • Contract analysis spreadsheets tailored for individual structured transactions
Contact Energy Edge to see how we can help you with your software requirements.

IT Services

Energy Edge offers resources to clients as embedded personnel to provide expert IT support within your organization. Energy Edge resources can bring their deep understanding of energy trading and risk management to ensure that IT projects are managed and implemented smoothly, and in line with business objectives.

Energy Edge personnel have experience in project management, system development and administration, integration and interfacing.

Examples of recent IT services delivered by Energy Edge are:
  • Embedded project management to coordinate the preparation of involvement in a new market
  • Scoping, design, implementation and testing third party software
  • A stand-in role to assist with IT management of a corporate IT division
  • Project management of systems and software projects
  • Retrospective documentation, standardisation and process management for ad-hoc in-house systems and tools

Proprietary Systems

Energy Edge has developed several software systems which cover electricity market risk analysis, NEM bidding and analysis, STTM gas market and water markets.

GMAT - Gas Market Analysis Tool

Energy Edge has developed the Gas Market Analysis Tool (GMAT) as a dynamic web deployed system that incorporates all known gas usage and supplies across the Australia East coast markets using up to date data from a number of key gas supply, usage and transportation data sources.

Energy Edge currently delivers the software capabilities through an online service to subscribing industry customers spanning gas users, gas generation, gas producers and financial institutions.

The Market Edge suite of software offers a complete set of tools for analyzing portfolio risk, performing market simulations and visualizing results. The system has been tailored to suit the specific needs of many clients and is a key risk management tool used by some of Australia’s largest electricity generators.

Automated NEM Forecast

The Energy Edge Automated NEM Forecast engine interfaces with the EMMS Infoserver to generate a succession of regional electricity prices, demand and dispatch forecasts over the medium term. The system applies an unbiased scientific forecasting approach which replicates the underlying key dispatch algorithm of the physical market used by AEMO.

Use Energy Edge's Automated NEM Forecast tool to anticipate changes in the market which can effect price outcomes, price volatility and then take advantage of these forward trading opportunities.

Credit Risk Tool

The Energy Edge Credit Risk Tool delivers sophisticated credit risk analysis and metrics for wholesale trading across multiple commodities. The software implements an advanced methodology encompassing current and potential future exposures, exposures and expected loss metrics. The package handles a large array of contract types, commodities, credit support structures and configurable features.

Market Alerting System

Designed with the Australian electricity market in mind, this system monitors market conditions and sends alerts via SMS and email. Such alerts are critical since volatile markets can greatly affect the profitability of market participants. This system allows the user to configure fine grained alerting rules and to define alert targets based on the alert type.

SysTTM - the STTM Data Service

SysTTM is a software service that allows STTM participants or non participants to keep an up-to-date set of STTM data locally. The service downloads files form AEMO as they become available and processes the data into a SQL Database. SysTTM completely eliminates the need to manually retrieve data and all downloaded files are checked for correctness. Once installed, the user can query the data, generate inbuilt reports or create new reports. The system is useful for STTM decision making, analysis and strategizing as well as reporting and reconciliation.

CASS - Contracts and Settlement System

CASS is a client server software product developed for South East Queensland Water Grid Manager (SEQWGM) to manage meter volume readings and invoicing. The system allows users to define meter volume formulae that specify how entities are billed, as well as manage contracts and view meter data.

NEM Bidding Tool

The Energy Edge NEM Bidding Tool enables energy traders to visualize market bids, devise bidding strategies and submit bids to AEMO. The software includes screen displays on current market conditions in electricity, gas and other markets along with plant operations. The Energy Edge Bidding Tool provides your electricity spot traders with an advantage to quickly and effectively analyse the market and offer generators to market in an optimal way. When integrated with the Short Term Forecasting module, the traders are able to manage bids seven days ahead to handle energy constraints and forecast spot market conditions.

Energy Edge MMS Batcher

The Energy Edge MMS Batcher makes the AEMO market Infoserver available to everyone (not just registered participants): Energy Users, Financial Intermediaries, Government Departments and more. The Batcher software automatically retrieves the AEMO market data files and populates a local version of the MMS database on your server. Entities running the Energy Edge replicator will have access to a broad range of public NEM market data including spot price, demand, interconnector flows, dispatch and predispatch. The MMS replicator can work in conjunction with the STTM database and the NEM Bidding Tool to provide a full spot trading solution.