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Training Services

Energy Edge provides training in risk management and trading and has a history of award-winning, high-quality teaching in professional and higher educational environments.

AFMA Courses

Energy Edge worked with AFMA to develop up-to-date workshops on electricity and environmental trading in the NEM and derivative markets. The workshops are staged in three courses for progressively more sophisticated participants in the markets:

Tailored Course Content

The team can also provide training solutions tailored to your organisation. Whether you are new to market trading and formal risk quantification and management, want to bring new staff members up to speed quickly or want to enhance the capabilities of your personnel, Energy Edge can provide a training plan and deliver content.

Gas Market Workshop

Energy Edge has developed an off-the-shelf one day workshop explaining the Australian Gas Markets and investigating gas transport, supply and demand issues.

This training course includes:

  • Introductions to the market through the physical nature of natural gas, pipelines, power stations and LNG facilities;
  • Investigations into the development of the major gas production and demand zones through Australia from initial 1960s until the current era of rapid expansion;
  • Detailed examination of the Gladstone LNG facilities with clear and recent market case studies;
  • Insights into the development of North West Shelf LNG in Western Australia and impact on the local gas market outcomes; and
  • Reviews into the each of the traded gas markets, discussions of major players in the sector and a tour of the available data source and information

If you are interested in the Gas Market Workshop please contact Energy Edge.

Standard Course Modules

Energy Edge has developed a collection of training modules which can be customised to your organisation's requirements.

Modules cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Physical and Contract Electricity Markets
  • Introduction to Environmental markets
  • Carbon Markets - Trading and Risk Management Solutions
  • Electricity Derivatives: characteristics and pricing
  • Relationships between physical and contract markets
  • Interregional trading and transmission impacts
  • The exchange traded market - electricity futures
  • Portfolio construction and optimisation
  • Electricity Trading and hedging strategies
  • Electricity Contract trading benchmarking
  • Credit risk quantification and management in energy markets
  • Policy and governance structures for electricity trading
  • Risk management and risk metrics in electricity markets
  • Reallocation mechanics and strategies
  • Accounting standards and electricity derivatives

Trading and Risk Management Simulation Workshop

This popular hands-on workshop requires participants to make real world trading decisions in a simulated electricity market. After an initial seminar covering risk management and trading strategies, the teams construct their portfolios and engage in simulated market participation. Participants are grouped in teams and allocated portfolios of physical and financial assets.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Impacts of fundamental drivers on market outcomes including economic uncertainties, weather, fuel and transmission constraints, Clean Energy Future legislation and other market influences
  • Developing hedging strategies to engineer portfolios into the optimal risk-return profile for different corporate risk appetites
  • Managing a portfolio in the presence of trading limits and compliance requirements

A decision support system is provided to the teams to experiment with proposed portfolios, view historical market outcomes for comparison and to run what-if experiments. Team members undertake roles of traders, back-office personnel, analysts and compliance personnel.

At the conclusion, team members will have experienced:

  • Managing load flex and generator unreliability
  • Managing market driven volatility and correlations in cost profiles such as Gas and Carbon
  • Reconciling conflicting trading objectives and limits
  • Optimizing for profit under uncertain market outcomes
  • Managing the book-build process for growing a contract book

If you are interested in training solutions please contact Energy Edge.