Nick Denman
Director Risk and Analytics

MPhil (Mathematics), BSc (Hons Class I in Mathematics)


  • Highly regarded energy market specialist
  • Developer of Market Edge Deal Capture & Risk Management Software
  • AER Retailer Reliability Obligation Panel Auditor
  • AFMA Electricity Market Workshops Presenter

Specialises in:

  • Electricity, Gas, Carbon and Environmental Markets
  • Multi-Commodity Risk and Analytics
  • Financial Modelling & Derivative Pricing
  • Back Office, Treasury & Hedge Accounting
  • Energy Market Training
  • Software Development

Nick has extensive experience in the energy markets having performed roles in both middle and back office, as well as various contract roles for clients. Nick specialises in working with clients and providing value-add services with a focus on analysing and managing the risk for complex portfolios with multiple commodity risk exposures. He also focuses on financial derivative valuation, hedge accounting, as well as the review, development, implementation and testing of energy market risk systems.


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