Dr Daryl Kempthorne
Chief Technology Officer

PhD (Mathematics), B Mathematics

Specialises in:

  • Risk and Analytics
  • Financial Modelling
  • System Development
  • Mathematical Application

Daryl brings extensive academic experience to the team in a wide range of mathematical fields, including computational linear algebra, data fitting and data visualisation techniques.  He has contributed to a broad range of projects, including demand side management strategies, rebidding reviews, acted as risk analyst for a large generator, developer of Market Edge whilst also maintaining Energy Edge’s information and technology infrastructure.  As Chief Technology Officer, Daryl combines his analytical and risk management skills with his knowledge of complex systems architecture, application support, product development and information security.


Joshua Stabler
Managing Director

Allan Ford
Director Commercial Advisory

Angus MacLeod
General Manager/Founder

Dr Elliot Tonkes
Risk and Technical Consultant

Tim Dutton
Director Trading and

Bryan Lee
Risk and Analytics Consultant

JP Website Imagetest

Jessica Plomer
Senior Account Manager


Damien Madden
Senior Developer


Nik Petersen
ICT Support Analyst

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