In addition to its subscription-based content, Energy Edge provides ad-hoc updates on market activities, as well as showcasing some of its latest products and services. These articles are shown below.

JUNE 2022

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Apr – Jun 2022)

Recent topics: Record high electricity and gas market spot price outcomes. LNG response. Market Suspension (and case to remain). ADGSM and Heads of Agreement.

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MARCH 2022

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jan – Mar 2022)

Recent topics: South East Queensland floods. War in Ukraine. Covid resurgence in China. Gas Market Update. Christmas period summary.

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The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Oct – Dec 2021)

Recent topics: Increasing Curtis LNG exports. Victorian gas market. International European gas prices lift. Potentail impact of La NiƱa on Snowy. Christmas 2021 records (LNG High, Carbon Low).

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The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jul – Sep 2021)

Recent topics: End of Financial Year 2021 Wrap Up. Callide Site Offline. Rising JKM Price. Longford outages impact Victorian Gas Market.

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JULY 2021

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Apr – Jun 2021)

Recent topics: Preparation for Winter 2021. Curtis LNG Maintenance Season. Callide C Event. Site outage. Yallourn flooding event. Braemar 3 MTPASA Updates.

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JUNE 2021

Developing your Risk Appetite Statement

The Risk Appetite Statement is a critical document to articulate the Board’s risk expectations to the executive team. Energy Edge can help you implement it.

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APRIL 2021

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jan – Mar 2021)

Recent topics: Curtis Island Record Exports; International Gas Prices Linkages; Dark Spread Analysis; Iona readies for winter; Texas market volatility.

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MARCH 2021

Using the Electricity Forecast Service (EFS) to manage new Semi-Scheduled rules.

AEMO has new rules for Semi-Scheduled Generators. Energy Edge brings accurate forecast electricity spot prices to help participants make effective decisions.

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Orderly Transition: The complex case of residential batteries

While there is an inevitability to the growth of batteries, the path has challenges. Orderly transition is not assured and disorderly transition cost should not be underestimated.

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Short-term Electricity Forecast Service released

Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) Short Term Electricity Forecasting Service (EFS) for all NEM Regions.
Showcase of forecast accuracy during Q3-2020 for Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

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